Monday, December 2, 2013

Knowledge is POWER-- #goldenyears101 could help you-- Start the conversation today!

Golden Years 101 --

I have been working on putting this information and class together for almost a year now and am closing the ends & getting the needed people involved--- The classes obviously are not COUPON related, but the information will save you more time, heartache, and pain than any class you have ever taken.

Golden Years 101- will target senior citizens, their caregivers and family members.  The class is meant to educate & empower families to be able to make the best PROACTIVE healthcare decisions for the senior member in the family. This workshop will offer some of the answers you need in regards to Medicare,Medicaid,Assisted Living, Hospice, Rehabilitation, Code status, Long term Care insurance, Skilled Nursing and how to have those conversations before it is becomes a REACTION.

This workshop will not answer every question you have, but we will have people on hand to assist in getting the other questions you may have answered.  Of course if I am at the front of the will not be boring & we will always have God at the head of the CLASS!!!

Start talking to your friends, family, church groups etc.  We will watch the interest to see if it is something we should continue teaching or just one time.  January classes will be FREE and then I may have to charge a nominal fee.  I will make it a mobile class-- so check with your church fellowship hall, sanctuary or get senior groups from several churches together to have one class.  If you have siblings-- this is great for the entire family to know--
I sit and talk to people every day who are in situations that they never thought they would be in and say....I wish I knew all this before today.  Remember once the fall happens, the hospital stay happens, the dementia starts, the wandering, the diagnosis, the death of a spouse happens--- there is no turning back!! The information I have learned is helping my own household---  please allow me to help yours!!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

2 pack @starbucks gift set $9 @walmart

2-Pack Starbucks Mug Gift Sets (various) from $9 + Free Shipping on $35+ has 2-Pack Bundle of Starbucks Gift Sets on sale for as low as $9. Shipping is free on orders over $35, otherwise shipping is $4.97. Thanks thenurse

@Kmart $4.50 54pieces- great to have in the car when you eat at someones house and need to travel with leftovers!!!

54-Piece Gourmet Food Storage Set $4.50 + Free Store Pickup has 54-Piece Gourmet Food Storage Set for $4.50 with free store pickup. Thanks Corwin76

Thursday, November 28, 2013

@lowes home improvement #BlackFriday deals in full effect!!! WOo Hooo-- I am ordering now and picking up in store!

Why would I wait in line if I don't have to---?? woo hooo

I was checking out new bar stools and they were like $79 and to get them for $49-- that is a sweet deal-- then my daddy VETERAN discount!!! And surely looking for some deals online..

Oh yeah and those $1 Poinsettas (quart size) to decorate the house-- sweet!!!

Beats by Dre just sold OUT $100-- still have @MicrosoftSurface $199

Microsoft Store Sale: 32GB Microsoft Surface RT 10.6" Tablet $199, Beats by Dr. Dre Solo HD Headphones $100, Xbox 360 Video Games from $10 & More + Free Shipping
Microsoft Store has several items on sale as part of their Black Friday sale. Shipping is free. Thanks daeagle, DJ3xclusive, NotNotSmart, everyone else who contributed

Example deals

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

@energizer deal-- at Walgreens, but wait if you find these at @walmart why not PM them and get them there?

So here is the deal at Walgreens.  They have Energizer Batteries BOGO best deal is the Double AA batteries that are $3.49 BOGO-- you use the $2 coupon that was found in the Biabetes & You Magazine or there is a $1 on now you can use them at Walgreens and just pay tax.  I picked up a few packs and paid .73c

Or you can do the same deal at Walmart-- simply ask them to Price match the BOGO price at Walgreens and then....wait for it...look at these deals--
You can actually get a Walmart Gift Card for buying the batteries with the codes.
You can get mastercard gas card


@KMART 50inch $399 or 60inch $599 #blackfriday price free in store pickup!

Kmart seiki 50'' tv live now $399,Westinghouse 60'' $599 BF price
Kmart seiki 50'' tv live now Free store pickup (you will get $9.00 in point)
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Westinghouse 60'' Class VR-6090Z 1080p 120Hz LCD HDTV Free store pickup

Other deal live now

BBQ Pro 4 Burner Gas Grill [] $142

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