Saturday, September 7, 2013

Paying for your CRIME with TIME doesn't really work- you pay for much longer than that-- @MHarrisPerry

This justice system we have is just that OURS-- the only one we have and the only one we can abide by-- right?  Well off of the JUSTICE system is the ECONOMIC system which is where what else matters, but MONEY!!! Right?  So if you go against the justice system mess up go serve time-- the TIME Is supposed to be your opportunity to get back into the ECONOMIC system right?  uh WRONG!  I am not going to do the research, but I am going to give you REAL everyday numbers that I see right here where I live.

Male goes to jail.  Male serves his time.  Male gets out can't get a job.  Or if he gets a job it is for minimum wage and they can't really live on it.  Now does that mean they should give up --- Uh NO!!! But does that make it hard on them to BOUNCE back into the REAL world to provide for families-- provide for themselves and keep them out of trouble. 

Celebrity goes to jail-- get a book deal, movie and a reality show!!!

I just need someone to tell me again what the TIME is really for?? How do you rehabilitate someone who served TIME if there is no one to REHAB them?  Just my question----

Do you know anyone that hires EX-FELONS with skills --- you know warehousing,  loading, safety, etc.  Those skills that will not be replaced by TECHNOLOGY!