Saturday, November 2, 2013

Does the little girl want a doll? What about the little boy? @OperationChristmas child!

That is a scary tagline isn't, but truth its...some children live that exact visual everyday.   Gimme a minute to share these two stories with you...that really made my heart THINK twice-- about everything.

You are on the mission field with your mission group in another country and you are delivering Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes.  Not sure what they are or what it is-- visit to learn more-- back to the story.  You are on the mission field and you are giving away boxes to children in need-- you see a alley that leads to what they call the TRASH PILE- not just a few feet high, but several feet high and it has a stinch that you have never ever smelled, it looks horrible and you see cats, dogs and just things you never want to see again.  Then you look up and see a dog playing "TUG of WAR" with what looks like what may be another dog-- you get to the top and amidst all of this horrible smell-- this horrible trash, maggots and more you see it isn't another dog, but it is a child.  a child that is so dirty, rotten and smelly that you are shocked that she is even real.  You shooo the dog away and you see that she was fighting with the dog over a piece of food-- yes this was the only way she was going to eat--- and that was to fight a dog for her meal. The missionary carries the child down the TRASH PILE and cleans her up-- gives her a SHOE BOX and in it is a doll-- the first doll she has ever received and it has a tag on it that reads-- Jesus Loves you-- The missionary reads the note and shares the love of Christ with this child and the child cries and cries and cries-- because she always wanted a doll-- Of course you are concerned that she doesn't have food, a warm place to live, a bed to sleep in, but the person that prayed over that Operation Christmas Child Box---asked God for that Box to find the right child and it did.... Will you participate-- will you take a few dollars from your budget and share it with a child in need-- of hearing Jesus Loves them?

Now this one-- really got me--While packing up from a long hot day in the MISSION fields of Africa the missionaries were about to leave when a young boy runs in and says-- I made it I made it.  The missionaries-- said oh we don't have anymore boy boxes to give away-- we are so sorry- they all look at each other in dismay- like what do we do.  They tell him a new shipment comes in tomorrow and he says...I can not come back tomorrow-- they look at his feet and he has traveled so far with NO SHOES on his feet.  He says I will take the girl box... He opens the box- and he immediatly begins to cry-- the missionaries are in tears-- because they see the PINK flip flops and a doll... and they say-- we will get you some boy things-- just please come back tomorrow.  He says no-- no--- He says this is just what I asked God to send me.  Shoes for my mom and a doll for my sister.  He has answered my prayers.  This is why I participate in Operation Christmas Child-- this is why you pray over the box and you ask God to lead you to put what He wants in the boxes- Ok I am in tears-- please share this and commit to a box or two.  This year, I am going to do 10 boxes!!! How many will you do?