Friday, September 27, 2013

@popeyeschicken I want my $$ back and I feel like I am owed an APOLOGY!

RESPONSES are great-- but before you respond-- please read the entire post!! Thanks
Let me be clear about this POST-- it is my EXPERIENCE-- You are welcome to have your opinion, but know that-- no one can tell me how to feel about what happened-- It happened over 24 hours ago and I am STILL totally INSULTED & still think what happened was 100% UNACCEPTABLE--

Thursday afternoon I went to @Popeye's restaurant-- it was my first time and I was super excited-- there was NO LINE at the Drive Thru and this was MY OPPORTUNITY to try @Popeye's.  Woo Hoo-- so I thought.  I ordered a nugget meal pulled up to the window and the lady was super nice (so she seemed)-- I told her it was my first time being at the restaurant and the conversation went like this:
Me: This is my first time here.
Cashier: Oh well, I have to tell you about the survey on the back.
Me: Great, do I get something FREE.
Cashier: You sure do, you will get a 2 piece meal, but you have to purchase a large drink--I would suggest the TEA because it is $1.06 and it tastes great.
Me: Is it country SWEET
Cashier: Well, we are supposed to put in three scoops, but we put in four and it is -"ghetto fabulous".
Me: Thank you- and I pulled to the next window and got my food.

When I tell you I saw RED-- I saw RED!!! I was so upset, I called s co-worker to see if I was over reacting?  She listened and said uh NO-- you are the furthest thing from GF..Seriously?  

I felt so INSULTED and totally in AWE that she would think it is ACCEPTABLE to say that to a customer.  Really!!  I can not believe that anyone would think that is OK to say to a customer.  Someone asked why didn't you go in and talk to the manager when it happened.  You know why?  Because I had to get to the Dry cleaners, get home start dinner and pick up from football practice.-- I had to do all of that and calm down.

So let me educate some people on what GHETTO means -- so you understand why I was so INSULTED that this person would insunuate that I could relate to anything GHETTO-

A ghetto is a derogatory term, sometimes referred to as a part of a city in which members of a minority group live, especially because of social, legal, or economic pressure.[1] The term was originally used in Venice to describe the part of a city to which Jews were restricted and segregated.


[get-oh-fab-yuh-luhs] Show IPA
adjective Informal.
pertaining to or noting a lifestyle of showy but superficial glamour and luxury that is sometimes adopted by people in or from an urban ghetto: That man is just ghetto-fabulous; his bling wears bling!
Ghetto fabulous is an expression believed to have originated among African Americans living in poor urban areas.[1][2]
It specifically refers to the mentality and lifestyle of some American ghetto inhabitants and vaguely to the mentality and lifestyle of poor African-American urbanites.

The first question I keep hearing when I share this story with close friends is was the cashier black or white?  Well honestly that isn't relevant-- Regardless of whether she was African-American, White, Asian, Indian, Hispanic-- it was UNacceptable.  I am the furthest thing away from GHETTO -- I don't portray it-- and if this was a ploy to build some camaraderie -- uh it didn't work! 

Stop wrestling-- against the WORLD!

– Ephesians 6:12