Saturday, October 5, 2013

Was it really justified? Were there options? Capitol police weren't being paid? illness-- isn't a fake disease-- it is REAL and if someone tells you something that doesn't sound right-- HELP them.  Two weeks ago someone hearing voices went into the NAVY YARD and killed unarmed-- people "just working"-- This week a lady with her child tried to RAM baricades because she "believed the President was stalking her".  Tell the truth if one of your friends said that -- would you take it serious or just laugh it off? 

When we watch the VIDEO it looks like the officers could have just shot out the tires.  It looks like it would be hard for them not to see that a child was in the back seat.  It looks like it could have all been avoided-- But none of us was on the scene.  None of us (not me) knows how it feels to havea to make those split second decisions. 

People we have to take mental illness more serious. 

Ummm I didn't know they weren't being paid-- The Capitol police-- so they were VOLUNTEERING?
Capitol Police on the plaza around the Capitol said they were working without pay as the result of the shutdown. A spokesman for House Majority Leader Eric Cantor said a bill to pay them was under consideration.

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