Monday, September 16, 2013

@allegiant trip from Concord to Disney for like $70 one way!!! Uh me-- NOT!!

I don't do UNIVERSAL-- I don't do DISNEY WORLD-- but I know many of you do.  I don't do large places with lots of screaming children.  I don't do large places with lots of loud rides and screaming children.  So my children never asked to go to DISNEY -- cause I told them at an early age about how waiting in long lines, listening to screaming children and seeing large CHARACTERS was not half as much fun as ---almost anything else-- to ME!!! Anyway I wanted to share in case you didn't know-- it was on the news over a month ago-- Allegiant Air will be flying out of Concord in December and you can get a one way ticket to ORLANDO for like $65!!! You should check it out now-- a quick drive to Concord board a plane and take off!!! You will pay that much in gas just to get 1/2 way there-- and you couldn't pay me to ride in a vehicle that far with screaming kids-- or anyone else!!!


Have a water softner? Pick up 40lb bag of @Morton $3.79 at @Sears in store

If you have a water softner-- you have to purchase these every so often.  We usually pick them up at @Lowe's every few months for at least $5-$7 dollars each-- I think -- well anyway.  I can buy these at @sears and pay less than $4 a bag and get shop your way rewards-- not so bad- has 40-Pound Bag of Morton Salt System Saver II Water Softener Pellets for $3.79 with free in-store pickup.

IN case you can't find a phone booth!! Pick up a @drpepper

You ever want to --- just run in a phone booth (if they still had them)-- and turn into SUPER U? Today was one of those days that I needed a phone booth to run into and just turn into SUPER COUPON MAMA!!!! You know when you need to be in several places at once, need to get more work done before the end of the day, and oh yeah-- need to have dinner cooked and ball practice pick up at the same exact time!!!Yeah-- when I have those days I really need a +Dr. Pepper -- so tomorrow I am going to buy a 6pack and just keep it in the back of the car-- in case an emergency breaks out and I can't make it to a phone booth in time.  Dr. Pepper just makes so many things RIGHT!!!

Is it more important that he is BLACK or that he is UNARMED? @GMA @Charlotte

So sad to hear the news of the unarmed young man killed in Charlotte by the police officer.  WOW- 24 years old.  He had a car accident crawled out the back of his car-- and was knocking on doors in a subdivision when a homeowner pushed her panic button.  A few things stood out for me in this story when I heard it on Good Morning America.
1. She opened the door, slammed it and then pressed her panic button.  OK why you open the door from the get go-- me; I think I would have just called the police-- someone is banging on my door.
2. They said he ran towards an officer-- is thta what you do when you want help--- or run away?
3. The officer may have (we aren't sure) used his taser and it jammed or didn't work--?? UHHHHH
4. The officer pretty much unloaded his gun on this unarmed person-- now me being a regular plain ole mom may have unloaded mine-- just because I didn't know how to stop it, but as an officer- ????
5.  Why do most if not all of the headlines say he was an UNARMED BLACK MAN-- how important is that-- there is a life GONE, cut short at 24, -- what did his COMPLEXION have to do with it?

JUSTICE needs to be served, but as a citizen-- not just as a black man--  I'm just saying--

May the family be covered in prayer and may his parents find a peach that only God can provide. 

Mark said it!!! Bible verse for the day! @deborahtulay you said it also!!!

– Mark 4:19

Different verse, but this is what Minister Deborah Tulay ministered on Sunday morning from the pulpit.  She said watch out how you let everything in your life become your IDOLS-- attitude, home, children, money-- God should always be 1st place--