Wednesday, October 2, 2013

You have the option-- it is in the bible!!! Cleanse-

– 1 John 1:9

Turn the light switch back on-- so the GOV can work-- local IMPACT!

WOW-- All I can say is-- I thank God that my SOURCE is God--and not the RESOURCES of the Government. So I wonder if you receive child support from the government furloughed employees-- will he/she be put in jail since they can't pay their support? Hmmmm

 I have been watching the news and so many think they aren't affected locally-- so I thought I would share with you what "being affected locally means"--
1. Several National Guardsmen will not receive checks
2. If you receive WIC services after October 15th they will be out of money and that service is considered as "non essential"
3. All National parks closed
4. CDC can't tell you where that FLU bug is at right now
5. Head Start could be STOPPED-
6. IRS toll free number GONE
7. OSHA will not be inspecting-- unless it is imminent DANGER
8. Delays in the government lending

Feel free to share with us-- how your family is being affected-