Tuesday, September 24, 2013

@Ocharleys @PiedmontMedical @BP_America I had to tell you what GOD did today--stop looking for the BIG! @revellkatiti & @revellmaurice

All I can say is today was like so TOTALLY INTERESTING!!!! If you have time read the entire post and feel free to share it with someone that really needs to know that God is still in the business of showing himself up and showing himself up FAST!! I look for God in the little, the big and just every part of my life.  Our Pastor is teaching on BLESSINGS and the RAIN--

This morning I called a aquaintance to ask if she could handle some seamstress work for me-- she said she couldn't because her son had just passed away -- yes died this morning and she had just found out.  I was in shock-- asked what I could do..she didn't ask I said meet me at the gas station-- so I filled up her car, picked up some snacks for the kids in the back for her drive out of town.  Hugged her and left. 

Headed to the hospital for regular rounds-- and rain into a co-workers mom wh owas visiting her daughter in ICU-- I asked if I could help her with some lunch-- she said no, but then returned and said yes.  I had a co-worker with me today "ride along" and we went downstairs to get her some lunch.  While picking up her lunch I met a lady visiting her sister on the 2nd floor that thought the VOUCHER that you receive while with family -- she thought it was FREE, but it wasn't FREE it was $5.45.  She didn't have any money-- so I picked up her tab.  She asked me to follow her to her sisters room.  I did and was able to meet her sister -- she couldn't dial her pastor-- and she asked me to dial him for her.

We left the hospital (co-worker & I) went to lunch-- something I rarely do-- she wanted Chili's well we passed that and headed to O'Charley's.  We ordered-- we prayed-- we ate.  A older couple walked to us at the table and said "It is good to see young people pray before eating." I said -- "Thanks for noticing."-- The waitress quickly came up after she saw them leave and she said-- did they tell you they paid for ya'll's lunch?  No they didn't and I think we all teared up a little.  We turned it around and left a very sizeable TIP for her-- and hoped it was a great witnessing opportunity for her also--

The entire day was like that-- everywhere we went had a reason-- for us being there.  I am a firm believer that God is in the MIX of it all, but it requires that we LOOK for Him to be there and stop looking for the $400million dollar BIG MIRACLE-- Thanks for allowing me to share this with you!!

Locate the Spirit-- locate liberty. 2 Corinthians

– 2 Corinthians 3:17