Sunday, September 15, 2013

Got hungry watching #GreatFoodTruckrace @cosmermaid tuna melt!!!

Did I really just do that!!! Watching Great Food Truck race-- and got hungry-- so ya'll know I am not the recipe chick--so when I want something I just "throw" it together.. just made me a grilled tuna sandwich-- yep -- two pieces of fresh sliced Chicago bread-- poured chicken of the sea to go cups+Kraft Recipes  dressing into my small black pan-- what is it called-- oh well...toast the bread in the pan scoop it up make a sandwich and voila-- I am eating at 917pm- I soooo gotta get back in the GYM-- almost 40 and I have to be FIT FABULOUS & FLY at 40!!!
 out of the little plastic container (that I keep refridegerated) so it is always ready to eat-- little bit of mixed cheeses and my fav Caesar

Nope no Mayo-- no Dukes mayo (ewwww)--

@RWOC #iamwoman conference was GREAT!!! Keep Calm I am WOMAN!

 Went to a Women's Conference this weekend at @RWOC and boy has this shirt been a conversation starter.  Now of course if you live in Greenville you know about REDEMPTION--if you live in Charlotte you are learning about REDEMPTION and if you live in the Ashville you are learning about them!! My church Agape is a sister/fellowship church with them and several of the women went from our church.  It was great we had Pastor Hope Carpenter + Pastor Lisa Yong, Dr. Janice Sjostrand, Tammy Trent-- -- learn more about Agape at come Join me on Sunday mornings!!

So Keep Calm I am Woman-- check the conference out next year-

Never thought the 30days off @facebook would mean so much to ya'll!!! Thanks

You know when I used to post deals on @Facebook -- people used to fuss-- when I wasn't online.  So it means lots when I rarely post deals and people actually miss me!!! Nothing happened-- I just came back from Jamaica and took 30 days-- off from FACEBOOK!!! So back to the bible verses, the comments on "what I was thinking"-- the stuff you can really do without and of course a few deals here and there!!! I am working on a project with our Neighborhood friendly BI-LO-- yeah-- let's not even start in on that one.

@Publix buying @bilosupersaver all but one in @rockHillSCCity what does this mean to you?

EWWWWWW this could be touchy touchy, but I knew it was in the works-- I know some of you didn't know it was coming, but bottom line it is all about the MONEY!!!!       BI-LO is owned by folks that want to make money and if it makes CENTS-- (sense)-- they are all about making it happen.  Now what does that mean for @RockHillSCCity ? Well it could be good for some.      Bad for a few. Plain UGLY for a couple. 

Many shoppers see it as a huge plus-- I mean hey PUBLIX has a great Bakery and great place to pick up a healthy lunch, but that doesn't mean my fav +Bi-Lo doesn't have a great BAKERY.  The way I look at it as a customer that clips coupons-- which in the end it comes down to CENTS (sense) for me just like the investors. 

1. @Publix has great customer service-- so does +Bi-Lo
2. @Publix doubles coupons--- uh hold your horses-- they only double up to .50c!!! So that is huge PLUS for @bi-lo
3. @Publix has a pharmacy-- uh so does +Bi-Lo -- but I don't get @fuelperks for filling a RX at @Publix
4. @publix doesn't have fuel perks, doesn't have the @pricelock, doesn't have double up to .99c coupons, hmmmm and the list could go on--

So what that means to me is I will hit PUBLIX up for the coupons to bring to my @bi-lo that will be the only one left on Main St./Albright/72-- and they will have to step up the COUPON game, customer service and get ready to be the ONLY kid on the block and in the CITY!!

Note: in one article I read they said BI-LO shoppers will see higher prices at PUBLIX, but will have a higher scale shopping experience-- uh-- the experience is not what pays for the food-- the money is- and if you were thinking I will just go to WALMSRT-- uh not me-- cause they don't double my coupons, they don't give me fuel perks and many times I have to be ready to QUOTE the policy to the cashier--

UPDATE: Stores will start marking down items this week-- starting at 25% and going higher as product leaves the stores-- the target is to close them fully by October 19th-- yes they will sit empty while they do MAJOR facelifts.  Let me be clear I don't have a problem with PUBLIX-- they have a great brand, but they are higher and the corporate has made it clear that many people will have to REAAPLY for the jobs and many have already been told they will not have jobs-- in a city the size of ROCK HILL that is a lot of people out of work during an economy that isn't the best!!!