Tuesday, October 22, 2013

How my NOSEY BFF allowed us to be a TAGTEAM Blessing to a little girl who needed glasses!!

So on Friday-- my BFF Aisha calls me to ask:  Have you ever been somewhere and overhead a conversation that you really wanted to help and say something, but you weren't sure if you should?  Well she knew when she started that CONVO with me that it had to go somewhere-- cause it is very rare that I am going to NOT say anything to someone....LOL

She goes on to say she was at the eye doctor last week and there was a teenage girl in there sitting with her parent/grandparent-- and Aisha was talking to her and she was saying that she had been having headaches, squinting and having a hard time seeing the board in school.  That to me was heartbreaking enough-- as a glasses wearer since 2nd grade and with a son that SHOULD wear his glasses (note SHOULD)-- Aisha also wears glasses and has a son that wears them-- WE can feel her pain. 

Well when they went to the window after the appointment it was evident that she needed glasses, but they didn't have the money to pay for them.  Sure they had medicaid, but that was going to take a few weeks to get the glasses.  The Optical assistant offered them a area that could get them in less than a week for $49.00, but the parent said-- I don't have the $49 to make that happen.  Aisha sat puzzled, concerned and knowing her-- probably crying in the waiting room-- not wanting to INVADE their PRIVACY and if you know HIPPA you know the RULES.  The family left-- Aisha saw the doc & left also.  She calls me from the car and told me-- I said you take yourself back over there and pay for those glasses for that little girl.  She went back and the two were getting on the bus--- "oh my word you just missed an opportunity to BLESS someone-- is what I told her."-- she was totally torn up about it...me too (tell you the truth).  That was Friday.........

Come Monday while in my morning devotion-- God said Call Aisha and tell her to call the Dr. office!!!  Before I could call and tell her to do that-- I got a text saying she had called the office to tell them what we wanted to do--- they called the parent for the girl and received PERMISSION-- woo hooo I called paid for them over the phone and they said they were so grateful-- they both were crying and just OVERWHELMED with Joy that she will be able to SEE-- and that someone thought enough to do it. 

Will I ever meet the little girl-- probably not, but am I overjoyed that I was given the opportunity to BLESS her-- TOTALLY!!!  I wake up every morning and ask God for opportunities to share the love of HIM -- it isn't always through the Bible-- it isn't always to a believer-- it isn't always with a word- sometimes the SEED is money, time, a ride, a listening ear, paying for groceries-- just being open, obedient and aware of HIS voice!!!