Friday, September 20, 2013

Starting the 40, Fabulous & Fly --40 day countdown to something GREAT!!

So today the countdown started for me!!! 40 days until 40.  I think for the next 40 days I am going to do something that contributes to me being 40, Fabulous, Fly & Fit!!! I have to start the list today-- and do something today-- Hmmmm

You know like at some point within this 40 days: maybe not in this order---
1. Rimless glasses
2. Eye exam
3. Get back in the gym
4. New hair cut
5. new outfit(s)
6. Laser hair removal
7. Massage
8. Get some great deals-
9. Learn some new stuff
10. Clean out a closet
11. Donate some time---

Have ideas feel free to share them!!!!

Stop picking on my sister-- I'm gonna tell Santa on you! All I want for Christmas.

Did you hear about the little boy-- who wrote his Dear Santa letter-- not for toyrs, but for people to stop picking on his twin sister about her weight-- WOW-- kids are cruel & I get it-- cause I was picked on as a kid for years for several things.  Rocks were thrown at me, I was called humpback of Notre' Dame when I was in a body cast for scoliosis-- so it always bothers me when people who can not fight back are picked on-- @Gma is talking about it this morning-- check it out.
Read more here

If the GOV shuts down-- it could get ugly- @nbctracie gives a short list-

Here we go again-- possible Government shutdown in 11 days.  Really--- isn't this a yearly thing?  Uh Can't ya'll just play together in the SAND and play NICE?  I don't think I realized that so many things could be affected by a Government shutdown, but look at just a few of the list of things that could happen!!!

No military paychecks-- not those deployed-
National Parks could close
Passport Services delayed-- if you are planning a trip you better hurry
Veteran services- loans--- trying to close on that VA mortgage?
Drug Trials (federal)--
New enrollment to Medicare or even new prescription plans that are federally backed--
Gun sales
Tax Refunds

Look in the PSALMS for it!!!-- that is where I found it.

– Psalm 63:1,6